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Highpoint HPT370 ATA/100 RAID Controller Chip
Last updated: 7/27/00

So far, the HPT370 has appeared in the following Abit products:

  • The Hot Rod 100 Pro--Ultra DMA IDE/RAID Controller Card.

  • The Abit BX133-RAID Socket 370 Motherboard.  This board has four IDE interfaces and will support up to eight drives.

  • The Abit KA7-100 Slot A Athlon Motherboard.  The KA&-100 has the HPT370 chip and does ATA/100, but is not advertised to have RAID capabilities.  Abit's FAQs state, "The RY BIOS also provides official support for the KA7-100's RAID capability, which boosts disk performance and data protection."  However, the released version is not available yet and I have heard that their are problems with the Beta version.  As Slot A boards are obsolete in my considered opinion, I have no plans to look into this board further.

Speculation about possible forthcoming motherboards with HPT370 chip.

  • The Register has reported that Abit will introduce a RAID version of the KT7 Socket A Athlon motherboard in August.

  • EpoX has experience and products with Highpoint UDMA controller chips.  The EP-USB66 ATA/66 Controller and USB Hub uses the HPT-366 chip and their recent Socket 370 EP-BX7+ motherboard uses an older, ATA/66 version of the Highpoint RAID controller, the HPT-368...

  • Like EpoX EP-BX7+, the Iwill VD133Pro Socket 370 Motherboard includes the HTP368 RAID chip...

Bottom Line.  I would think that if the Abit ATA/100 RAID boards do well and there indications of that, and/or the EpoX and Iwill ATA/66 motherboards are successful, EpoX and Iwill will shortly jump into the ring with ATA/100 RAID Socket A and 370 motherboards.  If all of these well-known motherboard manufactures sell RAID boards in large quantities, others will most certainly follow.  However, it still remains to be seen as to whether or not RAID is fad or becomes a "standard" feature on quality motherboards.


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