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Last updated: 12/20/99

The Universal Serial Bus USB is really catching on.  All of the Baby AT motherboards I have seen do not include the cables with bracket and jacks to run between the USB header (connector) on the motherboard to the exterior of the case.  Not all Baby AT motherboards have the same header or use the same cable/bracket assembly.  In fact, finding a USB I/O cable/bracket assembly for some motherboards can be very difficult and they may not be available at all.  USB connectors on ATX motherboards are on the I/O panel on the motherboard and accessible from outside of the case.  To me, this feature alone mitigates the modestly higher price of an ATX motherboard.

As I write the first draft of this article in June of 1999, it is obvious to me, that the world of the generic computer has now moved to the ATX standard. Baby-AT motherboards are still being manufactured, but, for new computers, in particular, I would say that 1999 marks the death of the Baby AT.

My advice:  Don't try to save few bucks by using an old Baby AT case and power supply.  Now, is the time to switch.  Buy an ATX motherboard.

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