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HP ScanJet 5200C USB Color Scanner Review
(5200C, 5200Cse, 5200Cxi)
Last updated: 07/29/03

PERFORMANCE.  Here are some benchmarks I obtained with the same test document and using the Normal scan mode:


Parallel Port

HP 4p

HP 4p

30 Sec. 50 Sec. 29 Sec. 44 Sec.

Using the same scanning software, the 4200C with a USB interface, is as fast as my 4P with a SCSI interface; i.e., fast.

HP's PrecisionScan software had no trouble detecting and working with my 4p scanner.  It's single-pass scan capability made it much faster than the 2-step scans used by the PaperPort software which came with my 4p.

In my opinion and as shown in the table, the parallel interface isn't worth doing.

The 5200C with the USB interface scanned the same document with the Fast, Best Quality Photo mode in 22 sec.  The quality was so so.  In the Best Text, B&W Only mode, a scan took 28 sec. and the quality was poor.  I doubt I would use either of these modes.

HP's Copy Utility turns your scanner, computer, and printer into a copy machine.  Put a document into the scanner, push the green button, and wait while your printer prints a copy of it.  It's no speed demon, but the quality beats using your thermo FAX machine as an occasional copy machine and the speed is about the same: 30 seconds with a 400 Mhz K6-2 and an HP 895C USB DeskJet printer.

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