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The Sony Mavica MVC-FD83 Digital Camera
Last updated: 9/10/99

PICTURES.  Here's one of my humble shop on the right and Roy's Barber Shop on the left.  This picture was shot at "Fine Resolution" and at the maximum size setting (1216 x 912 pixels).  I had to crop and drastically resample this picture to get it on this page.  The original looks much much better.  Also, I did not enhance this picture as I normally would for the Digest.  See my review on the Actima CD-ROM drive for a picture shot with this camera and then resampled, cropped, enhanced, etc. for the web.

Our house in the woods in Maine, U.S.A...  This picture was shot with "Fine Resolution" and at the maximum size.  It was cropped and resampled, but not enhanced.  You can get five pictures on a floppy with these settings.  A floppy will hold nine pictures with the "Standard" mode at the maximum size.  You can get many more pictures on a floppy with the E-Mail and 640X480 pixel size settings, but I found these settings  produced rather poor images to work with for web publishing. 

My son, Josh, playing his guitar in front of our fireplace, shot with flash, standard resolution, and maximum size.  After resampling, this one was enhanced in Corel PhotoPaint 7 with the Extensis' Intellihance RGB plug-in and a little directional sharpening.

All these pictures were shot by a novice photographer (me) and do not do the camera full justice.  
Some of my shots, before resampling, were comparable to Sony's (I can no longer find them).


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