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Vantec SK-5026FD Socket 7/Socket 370 Cooler
Last updated: 1/6/2000

7.  A good clamp.  Although there are CPU fans with screw-down clamps which may fasten a heat sink to CPU socket a little tighter--I've seen screw-down clamps, attached by zealots, break the ears off CPU sockets more than once--the stainless steel spring clamp on the SK-5026FD has unique design which works very well.  Installation is a little difficult to get used to at first because the spring clamp does not move back and forth within the heat sink like most others (the heat sink also does not slide around the top of the CPU once attached and does not need to be adjusted either).  The side opposite the latch has to be hooked on the smaller CPU clip latch (ear) while holding the assembly at a 45 angle to the socket as shown above.  The assembly is then lowered and clipped to the other ear. Because the spring latch does not move in the heat sink, the left side (as shown above) will not spring loose from the socket if it is struck or suffers high G forces.  If the right side is struck, it springs towards to the left and the joint (1) moves until it touches the heat sink (the Vantec diagram, with a different heat sink, shows it touching the CPU socket) and holds the latch firmly in place while absorbing the energy of the blow (or G force).  When the force is removed, the latch springs back into place.  One must firmly push the top of the lever straight down and then inward to unhook the right side.  I can grab this heat sink and pick up the entire rear end of my desktop computer without pulling/wiggling the heat sink loose (not recommended).

BOTTOM LINE.  This cooler was tested on a 400 Mhz K6-2 CPU with good results.  Vantec rates it for 500 Mhz K6-2's and 3's.  A two-ball bearing fan sounds better like so many other bigger and better computer-related things now-a-days, but I am not willing to pay the price for these expensive alternatives.  What... you want your computer (and CPU fan) to last for ever?

Note. The heat sink has a blue anodized finish.  Any student of thermodynamics knows that flat black bodies radiate heat better than shiny blue ones.  But, I guess, if it looks "cool," it must be "bigger and better," and, therefore, using modern consumer logic, it must be cool(er).


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