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ChipCoolers HTS421B-SB Athlon CPU Fan
Review and Installation
Last Updated: 10/30/99

INSTALLATION.  The HTS421B-SB includes a 4" X 2" X 1.5" heat sink, a high speed fan, fan shroud, attachment clips and Shin-Etsu G749 thermal grease for maximum cooling efficiency.  The diagram to the right  came from the AMD Athlon Processor Thermal Solution document.  It is a bird's eye view of an Athlon mated with a heat sink.  I added the red to show where the heat sink comes into contact with the CPU and where the thermal grease goes.  This stuff comes in a small plastic bag and has the viscosity of old chewing gum.  The idea is to smear a very thin layer of the grease on the mating surfaces to fill microscopic scratches.  Be careful, the heat sink fins bend very easily and the grease likes to stay on skin and smear on everything but the intended surfaces.  I applied the grease by dabbing a little here and there on both surfaces and gently slicking it to a thin sheen with a disposable dishcloth.  Again, be careful.  The surfaces are easily scratched and you do not want to introduce any foreign materials (lint, dirt, or dog hairs).

The CPU looks like a P3 Single Edge Contact Cartridge (SECC ) and retention mechanism looks very similar (they may be identical). The heat sink is married to the back of the CPU (side towards the front of the computer)  with two metal attachment clips.  The clips straddle the heat sink and go into the four holes shown in red to the right.   Slip the clips into the bottom holes first and then spring them firmly into the top holes.  It takes some fidgeting; so be patient.  The fan shroud with the fan snaps onto the heat sink.  I fold-up the fan cable and zip-tie it to reduce the chance that it will get into the fan.

This heat sink does not use a heat sink support like most others and it practically rests on the AMD North Bridge chip when installed on an MSI MS6167 motherboard.  Although it is physically large, I do not believe the unit has enough mass to be endanger of popping loose during shipping like some of the real large Socket 7 coolers.


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