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Zoom Telephonics ZoomCam-ISA Videoconference Camera
Last updated 2/4/99

INSTALLATION.  User instructions were skimpy and not very useful; however, installation was straight-forward even in a Compaq Presario with four plug 'n play boards including this one and one too few Interrupt request lines (IRQs).  I ended-up sharing IRQ 7 with the printer port and both worked fine.

SOFTWARE.  The camera comes with a generous selection of software:

  • Smith Micro Software's VideoLink and VideoLink Mail. VideoLink can be used to capture frames, videoconference, etc. via phone, Internet, or local area network.  You can turn your PC and camera into a virtual VCR with VideLink Mail.  The virtual VCR makes a self-executing files containing a video/audio clips or "tapes" which can be included as an attachments to E-Mail messages.  "Tapes" can then be played on the recipients PC by simply opening the attachment.
  • Microsoft's NetMeeting, CyberCast's CU-SeeMe, and BoxTop Interactive's IVisit facilitate Internet videoconferencing.  The first two channel communications through servers on the Internet.  IVisit allows direct communications between PC's on the Internet; however, you must know the IP address for each PC to make the connections.  Of the three, I found NetMeeting most to my liking.
  • JASC Software's PaintShop Pro.  A very good paint program.
  • And a bunch of other software I did have time to play with.


Resolution 352 x 288 pixels (CIF) or 176 x 144 pixels (QCIF)
Interface Image Capture Board
Frame Rate Up to 15 frames/sec
Lens f1.9 multi-element, 50.deg hor., 45.deg vert., adjustable focus 2" to infinity
IRQs Supports 3,4,5,7,9,11, & 12
Standards H.323 and H.324 compliant
Sensitivity 25 lux  (f2 lens)- 100K lux (bright daylight)
Focal length 4.8 mm
warranty 1 Year


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