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Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 895Cse Color Ink Jet Printer
Last updated 3/6/2001

OPERATION.  The 895C is quiet and fast.  Surprisingly, I found the printer actually prints a little faster through the parallel interface than it does through the USB interface.  HP rates the printer at 10 PPM (pages per minute) in the EconoFast mode (which, by the way, produces very good text).  I clocked it somewhat slower at 1 Min. 20 Sec. for 10 pages of typical text, or 8 PPM.  Still, that's very fast for an ink jet printer.  HP rates the printer at 5 PPM in the normal mode.  My trusty HP LaserJet II, which is over 12 years old, and is rated at 6 PPM prints the same 10-page text document in 1 min. 37 seconds or 6.2 PPM.  In the normal mode the 895 prints those ten pages in 2 min. 9 sec or 4.7 PPM.  It is probably possible to create a 10-page document which will print faster on the 895.

PRINT QUALITY.  The 895C achieves excellent print quality with several techniques.  First, lines and text are made sharper by using a combination of different sized dots along edges.  Second, a greater range of colors are created by layering up to 16 drops of ink into single dot to produce more than 250 color shades.  Furthermore, by arranging the drops within a dot, an overall perceived color range of more than 16 million colors is obtained.  This is known as half-toning: adjacent drops of different colors are perceived by the brain as a combination of the colors when looking at a dot or dots.

The results are that text looks like it came out of a laser printer.  In fact, under a magnifying glass, I can see no difference at all.  Lines are sharp and without jaggies--they appear a little grainy under a magnifying glass and smooth without magnification.  Color printing is stunning.  Even on plain paper I can see the capacitors inside the CPU socket of a picture of socket 7 motherboard and the individual holes in the socket.  A print-out of a photo of the Corvette found on the Corel CD's approaches a photograph on photo paper.  However, this paper costs about a buck per sheet retail! On plain paper there was some blur and shadowing in places; but, overall, it is better than you would see in most newspapers, but not as good as you would see in magazine printed on quality, glossy paper.

BOTTOM LINE. The 895 is not a cheap or mid-range ink jet printer.  Considering its performance, the quality of the print, the cost over it's lifetime, I think it is well worth the street-price of about $400.00, if you need color--I've seen far too many lesser printers end-up in the trash can after a year or two of use.  Otherwise, at this price, I would opt for a mid-range laser printer.



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