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Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 895Cse Color Ink Jet Printer
Last updated 07/29/03

INSTALLATION.  Installation was very simple using just the posters:  unpack, remove packing tape and restrainers, connect cable, pug-in power adapter, insert print cartridges, load paper, turn on the computer, insert the CD and install the software when prompted by Windows when it detects the printer.  I had no problems when installing the printer to use a parallel printer interface.  When I first installed the USB interface the printer would quit after printing a page with a Windows 98  error stating that printer was not ready.  It turns-out that the printer's USB driver is not directly compatible with the VIA MVP chip set on the Epox Super7 motherboard in my test machine, specifically the VT82C586B chip.  Fortunately, VIA had a fix for the problem called the USB Filter Driver.  Once I downloaded and installed the driver the printer USB'd just fine.

Cartridge installation is really quite simple: take a cartridge out its box, remove the tape over the print head, lift the cover over the printer assembly (the head assembly then moves to the center of the printer where it is easy to get at), lift the blue lever on top appropriate cartridge bay, lower the cartridge into the bay, and secure it by snapping the lever in place--a no brainer and no mess.  Putting paper in the printer is even simpler--no fidgeting is required to fill the well-designed, 100-sheet tray.

SOFTWARE.   The HP Printing Essentials for Home and Office CD includes:

  • Printer Drivers and Software.
  • Office In Color™ - a collection of add-ons for MS Office, including color creation tools and over 200 templates for Word and Excel for creating business reports, newsletters, etc.
  • PhotoRecall™ - resembles a computerized photo album and is used to store, catalog, and retrieve images.
  • HP FontSmart with 145 fonts.
  • HP Instant Delivery - software and a free service which gathers condensed versions of publications and Web sites and prints to your printer at times you choose.
  • HP Web PrintSmart - allows you to retrieve multiple web pages, format them with style sheets, etc. and print them as a single document.

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