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SyGate Internet Sharing Software
Last updated: 10/27/99

BOTTOM LINE.  SyGate costs $39.95 for a three-connection license.  Other licensing plans are available.  If you have Windows 98 SE and you occasionally want to  share a dial-up between two or three home PC's, to browse the Internet, send and receive E-Mail, and download software, than ICS will do the job.  However, SyGate will certainly do the same job better, faster, and probably with less hassle.  If you don't have Win 98 SE and you are thinking of buying the upgrade for ICS, then I recommend spending the money on SyGate.  It is a superior product.  If you plan to do fancier things on the Internet, such as conferencing and playing games, then SyGate may be the only reasonable alternative.  SyGate is clearly the best choice of the Internet-sharing products mentioned to date in the Digest for a Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) environment, especially one with an NT Server.


Click here for a good write-up of SyGate features

SyGate will demand dial a MODEM connected to a SyGate Server when clients need to connect to the Internet.  In fact, in our configuration, the browser-based MODEM interface is available on the Server and Client computers, and the MODEM can be controlled from any of the PCs on the network.

Software environment: SyGate 3.01, NT 4.0 with SP 5, Win 98, and Win 98 SE

Unlike Windows 98 SE ICS, SyGate does not stick a lot of junk in the Windows Network Configuration display.

The SyGate Server runs as a service on Windows NT.  It will startup automatically, if desired, and support clients on the network without having to log on to NT.

SyGate has very clean uninstall--it leaves nothing behind and cleans-out the relevant windows registry entries like it should.

SyGate will not work with internal one-way cable MODEMs used in conjunction with separate dial-MODEMs.  it will work with an external one-way cable MODEM with an integral dial-up MODEM, such as the Surfboard SB2100D used in our configuration.

Two NICs (network adapters) are required in the SyGate server when using an external cable MODEM, one for the MODEM and another for the LAN.

I tested SyGate with a pure dial-up connection and got very good results.

A trial version of SyGate is available for download.


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