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SyGate Internet Sharing Software
Last updated: 10/27/99

MANAGEMENT.  The below screen emphasizes why Sybergen calls SyGate, Internet Connection Management Software.  Client PCs can pull-up a similar display by clicking the SyGate icon on the Windows task bar. The Client displays do not include the Log List which displays a log of SyGate connection activity
when clicked.

Both the Server and Clients Tools include a very simple way to share hard disk drives and printers.  (The screen shot below is from my computer set-up as a client.  Drives F: through S: are actually mapped drives on the NT server.  It would be nice to see the shared resources in the left pane of the management window, above.)

Client tools include the ability to select an alternate Internet connection (e.g., dial-up MODEM in the client PC) when the server connection is unavailable,

Additional Tools are available at the Server.  The principle one is the Configuration display shown below.


If you have more than one way to connect to the Internet, say a cable MODEM to one ISP and a dial-up to another, SyGate should pick-up both them and allow you to switch between them in the Connection Method section.  In the Options section, your can see that we have disabled SyGate's built-in DHCP Server so it won't interfere with our LAN which uses static IP's.

From the Server one can also implement password-protected Black and White Lists.  With them it's possible to control where (and when) on the Internet PC's on the LAN can or cannot go.  Using this feature with third party software, such as that available on AOL, parents can regulate which Internet sites their children can visit and when they can visit them.

In case you do run into a problem with SyGate, there is a very useful troubleshooting tool located in the Help menu on the Server.  It provides a detailed technical analysis of the network and the SyGate Server and Clients.  By clicking the "Copy above to clipboard" button one can save the analysis and paste it into an E-Mail to send to SyGate tech support.

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