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Epox MVP3G-M Super7 Motherboard Review
Last updated: 3/6/2001

WOULD I USE THIS BOARD IN A FILE SERVER?  Yes.    AMD K6-2 processors and Epox Super7 make very reliable Windows NT workgroup and small business file servers.  I have a 58MVP3C-M in my NT server.  It has been the most reliable motherboard I've had in my server in 12 years.  I have a 51MVP3-M in my accountant's NT file server.  He has eight workstations hung off that server.  His server has been running continuously for six months without a hiccup or even a reboot (and even more remarkably in Maine, without a power outage).

BOTTOM LINE.  The K6-3 breaths new life into the Super7 segment of the computer market and makes it more than a second fiddle to the Pentium.  But, wait for AMD to ramp-up K6-3 production and for the price to drop, as it will.  In the mean time, use your old socket 7 CPU or buy a K6-2.  Add the performance, quality and reliability of the MVP3G and you will have a very satisfactory system at a very good price.


Test Computer: AMD 400 Mhz K6-2 processor, Epox MVP3G-M motherboard, 1 MB cache', 64 MB, 8 ns PC100 memory, Western Digital AC36400, 6.4 GB, 9.5 ms, EIDE UDMA hard disk, Highpoint IDE Driver v. 2.1, Windows 98 OEM with FAT32 file system (defragged), AOpen CD-936E/AKU 36X CD-ROM, AOpen FX-3D sound board, AOpen FM-56 ITU MODEM, S3 Trio 3D Display Adapter with 4 MB.

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