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Epox MVP3G-M Super7 Motherboard Review
Last updated: 07/29/03

I LIKE THE USER MANUAL.  It is short, well organized, and easy to read.  A very good diagram of the motherboard is immediately followed by a single page showing the CPU multiplier, bus clock, core voltage settings in clear and understandable terms.  The next page shows all of the front panel connectors.   There is no hunting back and forth through the book between the motherboard diagram and the jumper settings, etc.  A more verbose manual might be more appropriate for novices; however, I'm not novice and do not wish to rummage through a lengthy manual.  BIOS beep codes should have been included; especially those codes for memory and display adapter problems.

WINDOWS 98.   VIA's IRQ Routing Mini-port Driver is required to reliably run Win 98 on this motherboard.   You should down-load it and the Highpoint IDE driver from Epox's Web site and put them on a floppies before installing the motherboard.   The VIA USB Filter Driver should also be downloaded VIA and installed (the CD does not have this driver and it is essential if you are going to connect USB devices to your computer).   When Installing Windows 98, I recommend that you omit/remove all expansion boards from the system, except the monitor adapter, install 98, install the above software, and then install any additional boards one-at-time.  After installing and configuring the MODEM and Internet software, the Norton Anti-Virus database should be checked and updated from Norton's AntiVirus Research Center.  The database was more than a year old on the Epox CD I inspected.

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