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Epox MVP3C2 Super7 Motherboard Review
Last updated: 5/31/2000


PERFORMANCE.  In April, 2000 EpoX released a new BIOS (Award BIOS version vp3c0412.bin) for the MVPC2 and other ATA/66 motherboards which corrected performance problems with ATA/66 hard disk drives.  Here are the revised benchmarks.


NEW BIOS (vp3c0412.bin)

WinStone 99

WinStone 99


WinBench 99

High End Disk WinMark 

11,533 KBytes/Sec

Business Disk WinMark

3,343 KBytes/Sec.

CPUmark 99 28.23
FPU WinMark 1657

WinTune 98

CPU Integer 1074 MIPS
CPU Floating Point 597 MFLOPS
Memory 706 MB/S
Cached Disk 80 MB/S
Uncached Disk 3.4 MB/S

HD Tach Read (above graph)

Random Access 15.5 ms
Read Speed Max. 20,0060 KPS
Read Speed Min. 12,621 KPS
Read Speed Avg. 17,202 KPS
Read Burst 56.9 MBPS

WOULD I USE THIS BOARD IN A FILE SERVER?  Certainly.  In my experience, AMD K6 processors and Epox Super7 motherboards make very reliable Windows NT workgroup and small business file servers.  I have an EpoX 58MVP3-C Baby AT motherboard in my Windows NT file server.

BOTTOM LINE.  The C2 is a fine motherboard.   It is well-suited for upgrading old Baby AT computers.  ATA/66 performance is now very good and the board is absolutely rock-solid.



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Test Computer: AMD 500 Mhz K6-2 processor, EpoX MVP3C2 motherboard, 512K MB cache', 64 MB, 8 ns PC100 memory, Western Digital 64AA, 6.4 GB, 9.5 ms, 5,400 RPM ATA/66 hard disk (set to ATA/66 with ATA/66 cable), Windows 98 OEM, 2 GB partition with FAT32 file system (defragged before each test),  Diamond Viper V770 AGP Display Adapter with 32 MB.

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