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Last updated: 3/23/00

CAPACITORS.  I counted 30  105C electrolytic capacitors and an ample number of bypass, etc. capacitors in the middle of the CPU socket and elsewhere.  I did not see any tear drop tantalums.

HEADERS.  There are header connectors for the following interfaces:

  • USB - two ports.

  • SB Link header for Creative Labs (sound Blaster Link) with SB AWE64D PCI Sound Card.

  • Wake-up on LAN (WOL) enables equipped network interface cards to wake-up the system.

I/O CABLES.  One thing I dislike are short or missing I/O cables.  The printer and serial cables supplied with this board are fine at 10 inches.  The hard disk and floppy cables are "standard," but I would prefer a longer hard disk cable with a longer distance between the master and slave drive connectors; however the cable length is constrained by the ATA specifications (this a problem in most cable sets I've seen).   There is a PS/2 mouse cable and header.  A real negative(!) is the lack of a USB cable and bracket.  This is a serious shortcoming now that USB is common place and cable and bracket sets, compatible with the EpoX USB header, are hard to find.

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