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Last updated: 07/29/03

MOTHERBOARDS.  The AT589 accommodates both ATX and Baby AT motherboards.  If you use a Baby AT motherboard be sure it has an ATX connector or order the case, if you can, with a Baby AT power supply.

HARDWARE.  The case includes and adequate assortment of screws.  Although on the small side, the feet are adequate.  They are attached to the case with plastic pins and should stay on better than the kind which are stuck on.  However, the pins could fit a little tighter.

PACKAGING.  The box and styrofoam are of good quality and are sufficient to ship a computer built with this case.  The box I received was also full styrofoam popcorn which was unnecessarily annoying. It scattered all over my office when I unpacked the case.  I found the parts loose in the case; i.e., the second fan, power cord, and plastic bags of hardware were floating around inside during shipment.  That may account for the fact that one of the wires to the speaker, which is poorly located on the bottom of, and four inches from the front case, was broken where it connects to the speaker.

DOCUMENTATION.  There was none.  At minimum, an exploded diagram, assembly instructions, and a parts list should have been included.

BOTTOM LINE.  This is a fairly well designed and constructed case.  I have seen better ones and I have seen many worse ones.  The fan problem needs to be fixed.  Some details could be improved.  But overall, if translucence is your forte and you can live without the second fan (most can), I would consider it. 

DIMENSIONS.  (W x H x D) 8.5" x 15.5" x 16.5"

A-Top's U.S. Web site

A-Top's Asian Sources eTrade Web site (the specs on this site are more detailed)


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