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Last updated: 8/23/00

The HX95 had two ATX I/O back panels, one of which I never used.  The HX95A has one, an A.3.a I/O back panel.  It matches all of motherboards reviewed in the Digest to date.  It is made from a sandwich of two pieces of metal and is quite sturdy.  It is nicely labeled and is easily and securely attached to the chassis with a single screw.

HARDWARE.   The hardware is complete and well-packaged.  Covers are supplied for all of the exposed drive bays. There is even a zip-tie to bundle the cables going from the motherboard to the front panel.  The case includes two rubber feet which are easily and securely fastened with plastic pins instead of less reliable adhesive backing (large, protruding dimples in the bottom-rear of the case adequately substitute for the other two feet supplied with most other cases).

The case comes with two stick on rubber feet to put on the front, bottom of motherboards which noticeably extend beyond front most standoffs.  They prevent the motherboard from being accidentally pushed against the chassis and shorting-out--a nice touch and included with all AOpen cases.

PACKAGING.  Acer does an excellent job of packing their cases,  This case normally comes wrapped in plastic in the "small box."  The packing consists of two thick, well-made, styrofoam restrainers which are not easily broken when carefully lifting a computer, made with the case, and easing it into the box.  The box is well-made and will survive most shipping conditions.   An optional "large box" or all-in-one carton is available.   It has room for a keyboard, mouse, and limited software and accessories.  I normally use the regular box and ship everything else in a separate box as everything else is usually more than the large box can accommodate.

DOCUMENTATION.  The HX95A documentation consists of a single page with an exploded diagram and parts list.  It no longer has the by-the-numbers assembly instructions which on the back of the page that came with the HX95.

DIMENSIONS:  7.87"(H) x 16.30"(W) x 16.54"(D)

WEIGHT: Net 18.48 Lbs.  Gross 20.68 Lbs.



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