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ltblball.gif (377 bytes)  Expansion board slots.  The case has seven slots.  It will accommodate motherboards with 3 ISA, 3 PCI, one shared ISA/PCI, and one AGP expansion board connectors, or other combinations thereof.  All of the slots come equipped with removable slot covers (not those annoying knock-outs found in some cases). 

ltblball.gif (377 bytes)  Power supplies.  The case can be ordered with a 235 Watt ATX or 200 Watt PS/2 power supply; the ATX supply being the most common.   The ATX exhausts air from the chassis and does not direct it in and towards the back of the motherboard for CPU cooling as preferred in the ATX specification--no big deal; I fell more secure with quality CPU fans and motherboards with temperature monitoring anyway.  The ATX power supply is almost whisper quiet yet, by feeling the back, it is obvious to me it is pumping an ample amount of air through the chassis.

ltblball.gif (377 bytes)  Motherboards.  The HX95 accommodates both ATX and Baby AT motherboards.  If you use a Baby AT motherboard be sure it has an ATX connector or order the case, if you can, with a Baby AT power supply.  You might consider the BG95 case for a Baby AT motherboard or replacing the motherboard.  I would replace the motherboard.

ltblball.gif (377 bytes)  Hardware.  A real nit-pick: I would like to see few more screws supplied with the case (especially more 6#32*6L's).   Other-than-that the hardware is complete and well-packaged.  Covers are supplied for all of the exposed drive bays. There is even a zip-tie to bundle the cables going from the motherboard to the front panel.  The case includes two rubber feet which are easily and securely fastened with plastic pins instead of less reliable adhesive backing (large, protruding dimples in the bottom-rear of the case adequately substitute for the other two feet supplied with most other cases).   The case includes two I/O back panels which should accommodate many ATX motherboards.  The I/O panel is nicely labeled and is easily and securely attached with a single screw.  There are ample chassis knock-outs for Baby AT motherboard connectors and for multi-media I/O implemented on some ATX motherboards.  

ltblball.gif (377 bytes)  Packing.  Acer does an excellent job of packing their cases,  This case normally comes wrapped in plastic in the "small box."  The packing consists of two thick, well-made, Styrofoam restrainers which are not easily broken when carefully lifting a computer, made with the case, and easing it into the box.  The box is well-made and will survive most shipping conditions.   An optional "large box" or all-in-one carton is available.   It has room for a keyboard, mouse, software, and accessories.

ltblball.gif (377 bytes)  Documentation.  Like all AOpen cases, this case includes a nicely-done, exploded diagram and assembly instructions.

ltblball.gif (377 bytes)  Dimensions. 16.54"(D)x17.93"(W)x6.10"(H).



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