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Hewlett-Packard 8100i SureStore CD-Writer Plus
Last updated: 07/29/03

INSTALLATION.  Hardware installation was as easy as installing a CD-ROM.  Although, I found HP's "bubble" menu a slightly confusing at first, I had no problem installing the driver and software, which comes on CD, from a Toshiba SD-M1102 DVD drive.  The DVD drive was jumpered as the master drive, and connected to the same cable as the 8110i, which, of course,  was jumpered as a slave.  The other end of the cable was connected to the secondary IDE interface on an Abit BH6 motherboard.  If you don't have a CD-ROM or DVD drive to install the software, you can  download a driver from HP, unzip it, copy it to a floppy, install it according to the Readme.txt file in the download, reboot, and then install the rest of the software with the drive itself.  The driver download could have been more complete and made easier to install--easier than requiring that the user edit the config.sys and autoexec.bat files--by including an install program, such those that come with most CD-ROM drives.  According to the User's Guide you can also create an install floppy disk from the "Software Disk 1" CD, which comes with the drive, using another computer with a CD-ROM drive.  I didn't try that out.  In my humble opinion, HP should have included a  floppy disk with the driver and a driver installation program with the drive.

SOFTWARE.  The 8100i comes with an ample assortment of software:

HP's Fast Format reduces the agony of the hour plus it takes to format a CD-RW disc.  It takes about five minutes to start the format which then continues in the background.  One can then start coping stuff to that part of disk that is already formatted (the software keeps track of this and implements the process); i.e., both format and write operations essentially continue simultaneously.

Adaptec CD Software ( DirectCD, Easy CD Creater, and Easy CD Audio) provides a complete set of tools  make and copy audio and digital CD's.

HP Disaster Recovery is used to restore operating systems, software settings, and data files on your hard disk to and from CD-RW disks.

HP Simple Trax, a rather simple, but powerful backup and restore program.  A Control Panel allows you to select files for backup, choose the kind of backup, setup a backup schedule, etc.  It works with the Windows Explorer for easy retrieval of backed up files stored on CD's.

Jewel Case Designer, a simple program to make the front and back covers for your CD cases.

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