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Last updated: 6/13/00


13.  Is it connected? The printer test prints, but it won't go on line...  Well, is the cable from the printer to the computer connected.  Screw down the DB-25 connector at the computer end and clip the Centronics connector at the printer end (your printer and computer may have different connectors; e.g., USB).   Push-in and wiggle the connectors.

14.  Is it connected to the printer port?  Some SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) are physically identical to the male DB-25 connectors used for standard IBM/IBM-compatible printer ports.  Plugging a printer into a SCSI port can damage the SCSI host board and the printer.

15.  Do you have the correct cable?  Many printers now require an IEEE 1284 and Bi-Directional.  USB cables shouldn't be longer than 15 feet.

16.  Is the cable good?  Check for bent pins.  Try another cable.

17.  Is it connected properly?  Screw the PC end down and latch the Centronics end at the printer.

18.  Is there something else connected to the printer port?  Disconnect it and uninstall the device drivers for it.

19. Does the printer port have a software security device on it?  These devices attach to the printer port and the printer cable attaches to the device.  They can break.  Try printing without it.

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