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Last updated: 9/14/00

Format the partitions.  After creating the partitions and making sure the primary DOS partition is active, and rebooting to the floppy, an experienced tech might assume that the Windows Setup would format the drive.  Not so.  That has to be done manually.  And, by the way, It cannot be done from "4.  Minimal boot."  Issuing the Format C: command there results in the following error message:

Invalid media type reading Drive C:

Menu choices "1. Help" and "2.  Start with CD-ROM support" do allow formatting drive C: without error.

So, reboot the computer to the floppy.

Select  "2.  Start Computer with CD-ROM support," and format the C: drive as follows:

A:\> format c:

Do not use the /s  (transfer system files) flag with the format command.  Win ME does not support it (by the way, Full Versions of Windows 98/SE will not install if it is done).  Also, the SYS command results in an error message.

Get a cup of coffee...

Repeat for the D: drive, etc.  Get two cups of coffee.

Run Setup.  After formatting all of the partitions, change drives to your CD-ROM drive and execute Setup from the DOS as follows:


E:\>win9x\setup.exe (where E: is your CD-ROM letter).

Follow the Setup instructions.  If you are using the upgrade, Setup will ask you to insert the CD or floppies from the previous version and will verify it/them.  Choose to make the Startup floppy when prompted.  You may opt to feed it a new floppy disk or use the one you that came with Windows ME.


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