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Last updated: 07/29/03

  If you have Windows or Windows for Workgroups 3.x and you want to install the Windows 98 upgrade on top of it, power-down the computer, jumper your new drive as a Master with a Slave drive attached, Jumper your Old drive as a Slave, attach your old drive to power and the flat cable going to you new drive (with the red stripe towards pin 1/power connector), power-on, boot-up on the Startup Floppy, and XCOPY the contents of the old drive to the new drive with the following command:

a:\xcopy d:\*.*  c:\  /v/s/e

You can learn more about this command and the flags by typing
c:>\xcopy /?
There is no /h  flag (hidden files) with the Windows 98 XCOPY command.  The Windows 98 XCOPY command 'will not copy system and hidden files'  from the DOS prompt (it will copy them when executed from within Windows), but it usually works well for transferring Windows 3.x.  You cannot move Windows 95 with this method.  If your Windows 3.x is really messed-up after years of use, I would consider clean-installing Win 98, copying your application and data files, and reinstalling all of your applications, etc.  Just be sure you have all of the disks, etc. to do it, and all of the software for your sound card, MODEM, etc.  You can always start-over as long as the old drive is intact.  Finally, I would delete the old DOS directory on the new drive once Windows 98 is running ok.  You won't need it and it cannot be used on a FAT32 drive.

Some old hard disks cannot be attached to a new hard disk as a Slave.  Back in the "old days," IDE hard disk standards weren't as tight as they are now, and some older drives just won't work with others, old or new, from a different manufacturer.  Some Western Digital drives have additional jumper settings to accommodate older drives.  Another approach is to connect the old drive as the Master and the new one as Slave and switch the new drive back to master after copying the files.  Another trick is to disconnect the CD-ROM from the secondary IDE interface and connect the old drive to the secondary IDE interface with the CD-ROM cable...

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