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How to Dual-Boot Windows 9X/Me and 2000 Pro
last updated: 6/10/01

10.  In the resulting window click the Advance Options command button to produce the following screen:

Advanced Options

You can select options to customize setup

Location of Windows 2000 files



Copy all setup files from the CD to the hard drive

I want to choose the installation partition during setup

Check the last checkbox.  I also checked the first checkbox so I would not need to fetch the Win 2K CD every time Win 2K needed to install a new driver, etc.  You should be able to leave the defaults for the Location of the Win 2K files.

11.  Click OK.  That will take you back to the menu in step 10.  Click Next.  Setup will then copy files to the hard disk drive and Restart your computer when it is done.

I have omitted several restarts from this tutorial.  Just select Win 2K Setup from the list.

12.  Setup will then boot to the following screen, or something similar, depending on how your hard disk drive is partitioned:

Windows 2000 Professional Setup

Setup will install Windows 2000 on partition

D: FAT32                                    21242 MB (14615 MB free)

on 29307 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi

Us UP and DOWN ARROW keys to select the file system you want, and then Press Enter

If you want to Select a different partition for Windows 2000, press ESC.

Format the partition using the NTFS file System
Format the partition using the FAT file System
Convert the partition to NTFS
Leave the current system intact (no changes)

If you have made a partition for Win 2K and it does not have files that you want to keep on it then choose to format it for NTFS (NT or Win 2K file system) or FAT (the Win 9X file system).  Win 9X cannot read and write  files, etc. on NTFS formatted partitions.  Win 2K can read and write both kinds of partitions.  If you already have files and folders on the partition on which you want to install Win 2K and you want to keep them you can either Convert the partition to NTFS or Leave the current system intact (FAT).  If you want to install Win 2K in the free space on the hard disk drive as I did, then press ESC.  We will continue now assuming the the ESC key option was selected...

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