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Red Hat Linux 9.0 Clean Install - The Whole Enchilada
Last updated: 5/21/03


With Nautilus, went into /etc/xinetd.d, highlighted telnet (the telnet configuration file), Edit, Duplicate, to make a back-up copy.

Right-click, Open With, gedit, to edit it, and changed disabled = yes to disabled = no. Saved and closed the file.

In the Service Configuration, checked telnet Restarted xinetd.

If restarting xinetd produces errors, it's probably because you still have the telnet configuration file open in gedit.

At a Windows computer opened a DOS window and typed...


telnet linux will also work if samba is up or if host tables are installed on the client PCs.

Logged in the resulting Window.

For some reason (probably the tty security configuration), it would not let me login as root, but the other accounts do work.  So, execute su (super user = root) after logging in if you need root power.  Or, see how to allow root for telnet.

Closed the connection with the logoff command.

telnet is up.

FTP (vsftp)

In the Service Configuration checked and Started vsftp (very secure ftp daemon)

Opened a DOS Window in one of the Windows computers and typed...

C:\>ftp linux

It will not permit a login from root.

Typed bye to exit ftp.

FTP is up.

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