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Red Hat Linux 9.0 Clean Install - The Whole Enchilada
Last updated: 5/21/03


Most of the tools used for the install are located in the submenus off Start, Programs...  As root, I like to put them on the GNOME panel (taskbar), the strip along the bottom of the screen, for quick access. I also remove things I don't use much.

Right-clicked and removed the e-mail and printer icons from the GNOME panel.

Dragged Dragged the "Home Folder," which is really Nautilus to the GNOME Panel.

Dragged the Text Editor, which is qedit, from Accessories.

Dragged Services from System Settings, Server Settings.

Dragged the Terminal from System Tools.

Opened Nautilus and changed Nautilus to view all folders as a list... Clicked View, View as, View as List, Modify, Use as "default" for folder items, OK.

When it is set for large folder icons, there is not enough info on the screen, too much scrolling is required, and they have a way of moving around and under mouse cursors that increases the risk of human error.

Plugged the network adapter into my LAN, which is "glued" together with a 7-port broadband router.  The router connects to the Internet via a cable MODEM.

Clicked the globe icon on the GNOME panel to bring-up the Mozilla Internet browser and tested it by connecting to a web site on the Internet.  Mozilla is up...  which proves that the network adapter, tcp/ip,  and the cable to the router on my LAN work.

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