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How to Share a Cable MODEM With Windows 98 Second Edition - Verify the Configuration
Last updated: 8/16/00


  Click Start --> Settings --> Control Panel  and double-click the Network icon.   You network configuration should look like this -->

  Make sure the CM is working and leave it connected to the Internet.

  The Client configuration is identical to that for sharing a MODEM with ICS.  Click here for those instructions and follow that sequence to Troubleshooting if you problems.


The morning routine should be to boot-up the ICS gateway computer before the client computers.

I found that ICS performed quite well with the cable MODEM.  With both the gateway and a client PC downloading from download.com simultaneously hitting about 15 KBytes/sec or roughly a little less than half the speed usually experienced by one computer and an unshared CM.  Browser performance was quite good.  The perception that connection was shared while browsing was almost unnoticeable.

You may encounter a performance problem with high bandwidth devices such as a cable MODEM.  Click here for a Microsoft Knowledge Base article on how to fix it.  I didn't see this problem.

I attempted to merge the shared network with my NT Server and assign static IPs to all PCs ran into trouble.  Although, I followed MicroSoft's instructions for assigning static IP's and twiddled with the Windows Registry to prevent ICS's DHCP from using the static IPs I have assigned to my NT server and intranet Webs, I was met by many protected fault interrupts when trying to use ICS and when trying to shut-it-down from both the gateway and client computers.  I am fairly sure this can be done with more work, but have decided to wait until after reviewing several more Internet Sharing packages, deciding which of them is best for our network configuration, and then expending the energy on that one to fit it into our network.  Out of the box with no NT server, etc., ICS works fine.


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