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How to Share a Cable MODEM With Windows 98 Second Edition - Installation
Last updated: 8/16/00

INSTALLATION.  Now that everything in the theory department is perfectly clear (as mud?), here's how I did it...

Insert your Windows 98 SE in your CD-ROM drive.  In Windows 98 SE click Start --> Settings --> Control Panel  and double-click Add/Remove Programs.  Click the Windows Setup tab, highlight Internet Tools, click Details, and check Internet Connection Sharing, and click OK twice.  Windows will load the ICS files and display the Internet Sharing Setup Wizard shown to the left.

  Select the High-speed connection and click Next.

  Select NIC2, the one connected to you CM and click Next.  The Wizard will assume the other NIC is connected to your LAN.

  The Wizard will now tell you that it is going to make a Client Configuration disk.  Click Next and insert a formatted floppy when prompted.  After the floppy is made Click Yes when prompted to restart your computer.  The ICS Gateway is now installed.

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