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How to Network and Share an Internet Connection With Windows 98 Second Edition
Last updated: 07/30/03


Ok, you have installed Win 98 SE on at least one computer, tested the MODEM on the ICS gateway PC and it works on the Internet, built and tested your NetBIEU network, shared your printers and shared and mapped you disk drives.  Everything is working and your Control Panel Network Configuration looks something like the one to the right.

  To simplify things, I would suggest disconnecting all of the computers from the LAN except the one which will serve as the ICS gateway and one other computer.

  Install another copy of  TCP/IP to bind it to your network adapter.  Just like before when you installed NetBIEU, click add, select protocol, select Microsoft and TCP/IP, and click OK.

  You may want to right-click the Client for Microsoft Networks, select Properties, and temporarily reconfigure it for Quick Logon so the computer does not try to connect to the mapped drives on the computers you have disconnected from the network.

  Remove NetBEUI and reboot.

  Repeat for the other computer.

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