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How to Network and Share an Internet Connection With Windows 98 Second Edition
Last updated: 10/6/99


ICS will not work with a one-way Internet connection device, such as a one-way cable MODEM, which receives data from the Internet and uses a dial-up MODEM to send data (packets) to the Internet.  And that is exactly what I had in my computer.  In fact a one-way Surfboard cable MODEM will not work at all with ICS installed.  It locks-up the computer when initializing.  For this article, I removed the Surfboard MODEM and used a pure dial-up connection.

10/6/99 An external one-way cable MODEM which incorporates the dial-MODEM, and connectes to a network adapter in the computer, such as the Surfboard SB2100D, should work with ICS.  See How to Share a Cable MODEM With Windows 98 Second Edition.

ICS uses the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to dynamically assign temporary (leased for a period of time)  IP addresses to all of the computers on the network and a gateway with static IP address of 192.168.01, which,  coincidently, was the same as the static IP I had assigned to my NT server.  After struggling for longer than I wish to admit, I had to remove everything in my network configuration, pull the cable modem, and reinstall all network components to get ICS working.  I then ran into the proxy problem on the client...

I don't particularly like DHCP for small networks. If the ICS host is down there is no DHCP.  I prefer to keep it simple by using static IP addresses and host tables.  ICS can be configured to use static IP's and the IP of the host can be changed.  I did exactly that and got the host working with it's old static IP of and the client working with  I then brought my server back up and logged onto our Windows NT domain.  ICS does work in this environment.  I plan write an article shortly (don't hold your breath) on running TCP/IP on a small network with static IP addresses and host tables. 

I'll bet I could access and use ICS running on my PC with the IE installed my NT server, but my old eyes have had it, supper is waiting, and I'm out-of-time for this article.


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