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How to Network and Share an Internet Connection With Windows 98 Second Edition
Last updated: 07/30/03


  Go into the Control Panel and double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon, click the Windows Setup tab, High-light Internet Tools, and click the Details button to list the Components.
Select ICS as shown to the right and click OK.  this will fire-up the ICS Wizard.  Wait (yawn) for it to appear and click the
Next > button.


In the second ICS Wizard window , select Dial-up... as shown and click the
  Next > button.

  Select your Dial-up connection and click the
Next > button.  You may want to deselect Automatically dial the connection whenever it is needed by IE, etc.. 


Select the Network adapter for your LAN and click the
Next > button in the following Window followed by OK in the next window to create a client configuration floppy.  Click OK after the floppy is made,  click Finish and reboot when prompted.

  After rebooting, check your Network Configuration in the Control Panel.  It should look similar to the one to the right.  (Ok, I cheated; you will have to scroll the window to see all of the entries).  In particular, all ICS components must be present and the TCP/IP [Home] protocol must be bound to the network adapter and the TCP/IP [Shared] protocol must be bound to the Dial-up Adapter.  If they are backwards or a component is missing, uninstall and reinstall ICS.

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