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How to Network Two Windows 95/98 Computers
Last updated: 1/17/2000


  Share your disk drives... Sharing allows others on the network to use your disk drives and printers.  To share your hard disk drive, click Start, Programs, Windows Explorer to view your drives and folders.  To share your C: drive click it with the right button on your mouse and select Sharing as shown to the right.  That will open the next window, below. 

Select Shared As to share your C: drive.  Assign a Share Name for the drive other than C, if desired, and the desired Access Type:  In 2-PC network you will probably want to grant Full access, but you could limit it to Read-Only.  That means other users could only copy stuff from the drive. It probably would not suffice for multi-PC games if the game software is on your PC.  It would also stop anyone from writing data to your drive, such as in a database or accounting package.  You can also share individual folders on your C: drive, but if you share the whole drive, all of the folders on it are also shared.

As you can see, you may assign a Password to protect your shared resources from unwanted visitors and give groups of users within the workgroup read or write privileges, a handy feature if you have kids on the network.  A blank password field means the drive is not password-protected: no password is required; anyone in the workgroup can access it.  At the bottom of the Window (not shown), click Apply followed by OK.  Repeat for any other drives you want to share, including CD-ROMs, Zip drives, and even floppy drives.

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