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How to Network Red Hat Linux and Microsoft Windows
Last updated: 9/7/02

INSTALLATION (Method 2)I am not going to go into some of the details of this method as they are covered in Method 1.  Instead of installing Samba from the RH CDs during the installation process, this method installs a download of an RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) version of Samba.  One can find RPM's on numerous Internet web sites.  A couple you may want to try are:



I first tried the one that was available on Samba and it crashed consistently.  It was version 2.2.5-1 at http://us2.samba.org/samba/ftp/Binary_Packages/redhat/RPMS/7.3/.  They may have fixed it by the time you get ready to do it.

I then used version samba-2.2.5-2.i386.rpm from http://www.firerun.net/pub/i386/samba/ and it installed without a problem and is what I am running now (9/7/02).

1.  If you haven't already, Install RH as before, except do not install Samba.  Don't worry if you have already installed it.  The RPM Manager will allow a full install of Samba or an upgrade.  In fact, you could do method 1 to get Samba going and simply upgrade it later.  I strongly recommended that you backup the files in /etc/samba if you are going to do an upgrade of an operating Samba network.  The RPM should automatically back-them-up also.

2.  Login as root, connect to the download site, and download the RPM.  As I recall the file is about 10 Mbytes in size.  If you haven't changed directory since logging in Linux, the download will be placed in /root and that is where you want it

3. Once the download is completed, use the gnome RPM to install it (Start, Programs, System, GnoRPM).  In the gnome RPM, click, Install, click Add in the resulting Window, select the RPM in the third window, Click Add, and go back to the second Window to either do a full Install by clicking the Install button, or click Upgrade.

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