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How to Network Red Hat Linux and Microsoft Windows
Last updated: 9/7/02

8.  Check Networking from Linux. To connect to Windows computers from Nautilus in Linux type smb: in the location box.  That should display the WORKGROUP icon.  Double-clicking it will display the Windows Computers that are running, etc.

9. Check the Network from WindowsI am assuming that you already have an operational Windows network.  If not, our various networking How to articles and FAQs should help with that configuration and with troubleshooting.  Additionally questions and problems can be posted in our Forums.  As an example, my Windows Me network configuration (Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network...) is shown to the right.  The TCP/IP properties are set to obtain the IP address automatically form the router.  The Log on to Windows NT domain checkbox in the Client for Microsoft Networks properties is unchecked.  Be sure the log on name for Windows/Client for Windows Networks matches the Linux/Samba account name.

I did have a problem with the Windows Me computer.  When trying to open Entire Network in the Windows Explorer, an error message appeared stating that it could not access the network and to Wait.  The fix was to uninstall everything network on the Me computer, restart Windows, reinstall the network, and restart Windows again.  This problem occurred during both of the installs of Samba performed for this article.  The other computers posed no problems.

In the Windows Explorer the Network Neighborhood/My Network Places should look something like the screenshot to the right.  The other user home directories will not appear.  Clicking on the home directory (lbyard in this case) a screen will appear prompting for the Samba password.  Once entered Samba/Windows will remember who you are and will not prompt for the password again unless you login into Windows/The Client for Microsoft Networks with a different user name.  Note the Shortcut that Samba has created in the right Window pane.  You can drag or copy that shortcut to your desktop or Quick Start bar and use it to fire-up a window containing your home directory contents.  It should appear almost instantly.  Linux folders can be mapped to drive letters in Windows just like any other network shares.  See MAP THOSE DRIVES for instructions.

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