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Last updated: 07/30/03

checkbox.gif (68 bytes) Windows should then display another message box as follows:

"Insert Disk...  Please insert disk labeled 'PCI Network Drivers directory', and then click OK."

checkbox.gif (68 bytes)  Insert the floppy disk that came with the ALN-320.  If your have Windows 98 or Windows 95 OSR2 or higher, change the "Copy files from:"  box in the following window, as shown below, and click OK.  If you have a lower version of Windows 95, enter "A:\WIN95"  (without the parentheses).

copy.jpg (28067 bytes)

Note: the correct input is "A:\W98_OSR2," not "A:\WIN98_OSR2.

checkbox.gif (68 bytes)  You will then see a copy files message box followed by a message like the one above requesting the Windows 98 CD-ROM.  Put the Windows 98 CD in your CD-ROM and Point the "Copy files from:"  box to your CD-ROM and the win98 directory on your CD-ROM; e.g, d:\win98.   You may get an error message that Windows 98/95 can't read the CD if the drive doesn't spin-up fast enough.  Click the "Retry" button if you do.  Windows 95 OSR2, etc. users may have the contents of the Win 95 cab files on the hard disk; e.g., c:\windows\options\cabs.   You may (or may not) find the correct path to your Windows CD by clicking the down-arrow on "Copy files from:"  list box and selecting from the list.

Whatever you do, do not click the "Skip File" button.  It is somewhere.  If you skip files during the installation, you will have to start over.

checkbox.gif (68 bytes)  You may then get the following error message.  If so, click the "YES" button.

verconfl.jpg (27336 bytes)

checkbox.gif (68 bytes)  You will then get a message box stating that new hardware has been found and that Windows is installing the software for it.

checkbox.gif (68 bytes)  Finally, you will see a message box stating that "System setting have changed..."  and prompting you to shut-down your computer.  Click the "YES" button to finish the adapter installation and reboot Windows.

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