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How to Install the EpoX 8KHA+ Motherboard
Last updated: 12/6/2001

16.  Orient the motherboard so you are facing the front of it.  The memory module has one notche on the bottom, which is offset.  Push the leavers down on the memory socket marked DIM1, the closest one to the CPU, match the notch in the bottom of the memory module to the key on the socket, and use both hands to evenly and firmly insert the module, and make sure it is fully seated.  The  leavers at the ends of the socket  will come up and dovetail with the sides when the module is properly inserted.  Push inward on them to be sure they are fully in place.

Memory modules can be plugged into any of the three memory sockets in any order.  DIMM1 allows more clearance for the drive cables.  Other motherboards may require that the memory be plugged in a specific order.

17. Verify that the Clear CMOS jumper (JBAT), located just the right and forward of the battery, has the jumper on pins 1 and 2, the two pins furthest from the front of the motherboard.  Do not change this jumper when power is on.   It could damage the motherboard.

18. Set Front Side Bus (FSB) jumper (JCK1) located to the rear and just to the right of the AGP socket is set to the correct FSB for your processor.  Current AMD Athlon XP (Palomino core) and recent Thunderbird core Athlons have an FSB of 133 MHz.  The three motherboards I installed came with the jumper set for 100 MHz.  So, most likely you will have to move it to pins two and three, the pins furthest left when looking from the front of the board.

Your motherboard should look like this:

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