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RAIDing Windows XP:
How to Install Windows XP
on a RAID Array of Hard Disk Drives

Last updated: 1/18/2004

GUI Setup

Windows will then shift the Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) and display the Windows XP splash screen.




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   Microsoft Corporation


What it's doing will be on the left, with detailed information above the progress bar at the bottom left. Comments on new Windows features will be on the right.  After about two minutes a warning message will appear on the screen as follows.  It results from using the Highpoint instead of the native Windows XP hptxxx RAID controller driver.

39. Click Yes.

40. About two minutes later a second driver warning will pop-up.  Click Yes.

The RAID-specific part of the Windows XP installation requiring user intervention is now completed.  Setup will continue and request additional information, such as the Product Key, time zone, and system-specific info, such as networking parameters, if there is a network adapter installed.  By the way, the Product Key for Windows XP is on a sticker.  I stick it on the back of the computers I build.  It might be on the bottom of the case.

41. Setup will then install the network, if there is one, copy files, install the Start Menu items, register components, save settings, remove any temporary files, and restart.

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