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RAIDing Windows XP:
How to Install Windows XP
on a RAID Array of Hard Disk Drives

Last updated: 1/18/2004

Load Files

Windows XP Professional Setup

Please wait while Setup examines your disks.  This may take
several minutes depending on the size of the disks.



 Checking drive C:...

33. Wait...

Windows XP Professional Setup

 Creating list of files to be copied...

34. Wait...

Windows XP Professional Setup

Please wait while Setup copies files
to the Windows installation folders
this may take several Minutes to Complete

Setup is copying files...



   Copying:  drivers.cab

35. Keep waiting... drivers.cab is a very large file.  You may think the system is stuck.

Windows XP Professional Setup

Please wait while Setup initializes your Windows XP configuration.

 Loading information file hivesys.inf...

36. Wait some more...

Windows XP Professional Setup

This portion of Setup has completed successfully.

If there is a floppy disk in drive A:, remove it.

To restart your computer press ENTER.
When your computer restarts, Setup will continue.


Your computer will reboot in 11 seconds...


   Copying:  drivers.cab

37. Remove the htp3xxx driver floppy and press ENTER...

38. If you see the following error after the computer reboots:

NTLDR is missing
Press any key to restart

Remove the floppy and press any key.

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