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RAIDing Windows XP:
How to Install Windows XP
on a RAID Array of Hard Disk Drives

Last updated: 1/18/2004


16. Select 4. Start Creation Process and press Enter. The Utility may prompt with a Warning that any data on the drives will be destroyed. If so, ignore it (we are working with new drives which contain no data), if that is the case, and type Y for Yes to Proceed. The array will be created. Note that the Array Name and Status has changed for the two drives and the (1) and (2), respectively, that were in front of the drives are not displayed anymore.  Also, 1. Create Array is highlighted and that may be confusing as the array has already been created.  You don't want to create it again.

17. Select 4. Select Boot Disk and press Enter. That will move the focus down to the Primary Master in the Channel Select Menu and put a ( ) in front of it.

18. Press Enter again to make the Primary Master drive the Boot drive. Note that its Status changes from HDD0 to BOOT and the ( ) have disappeared. The RAID Array has been created, it will be bootable once an operating system has been installed on it, and the screen now looks like this:

19. Put the Windows XP CD in the CD-ROM drive for the next step of the installation, press Esc to exit the Utility, and type Y for Yes when asked if you want to exit to restart the computer.

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