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RAIDing Windows XP:
How to Install Windows XP
on a RAID Array of Hard Disk Drives

Last updated: 1/18/2004


4. Restart the computer, Press Delete when prompted to go into the CMOS Setup.

5. Choose the Integrated Peripherals Setup, and enable the RAID Controller.

6. Go into the Advanced BIOS Features and set the order of Boot Devices like so:

First Boot Device Floppy
Second Boot Device ATA133RAID
Third Boot Device CDROM

 If there is no bootable floppy in the floppy drive, if the drives on the RAID Controller are new or have been taken back to "bare metal" (have no partitions/are not bootable), and the Windows XP CD is in the CD-ROM drive, and everything is connected correctly and working, the system should boot to the XP CD.  If these conditions do not all exist, you may want to temporarily make the First Boot Device the CD-ROM drive.

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