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RAIDing Windows XP:
How to Install Windows XP
on a RAID Array of Hard Disk Drives

Last updated: 1/18/2004


See the RocketRAID 133 User’s Manual for additional RAID BIOS configuration details and instructions for replacing defective drives in an array. The download is a .zip file. After downloading, right-click the file in the Windows XP Explorer and choose Extract All... to extract the manual as a .pdf file. Use Adobe Acrobat to read the .pdf file.

Highpoint has a rather nice GUI interface for configuring the RAID BIOS. It is on the CD that came with the motherboard. I don't use it as one can do all that is required with the RAID BIOS Utilities. The reason I don't use it is that it has to be installed on an additional drive with Windows in the computer.

Benchmarks of striped and mirrored arrays and my thoughts on the pros and cons of the various RAID configurations are in the review of the Abit KX7-333/KX7-333R DDR Athlon Motherboard.


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