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Connect the Remaining Wires
Last updated: 4/8/99

  Fold-up all of the excess power cable bunch it up just above the floppy drive. Grab it with your hand.  Take the slack out of the audio cable but don't pull it taught.  Grab this cable as well and zip tie the whole mess to the motherboard power cable.

You can pull this cable pretty tight.  Now, you should see the rational behind my choices of cable connectors for each drive.

  Install the "POWER LED" connector on the connector marked "KEYLOCK" on the three pins furthest to the left and with the green wire to the left.  Power-up and see if the LED lights.

  Install the "HDD LED" the connector labeled "HD LED" with the wires to the left.  The rest of the plug will overlap the TB LED connectors.]

That won't cause a problem since the plug only has two wires and there is no TB LED on the case.

  Connect the "RESET SW" to the "RESET" connector, power-up and see if the hard disk lights-up, and push the reset switch to see if it reboots the computer.

  Bunch-up the front panel and speaker cables and zip-tie them together with the white zip-tie that came with the case.

  Your compute should now look like my computer.  The picture does not do it justice... Do not install any other expansion boards until after Windows is installed.

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