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Plug-in and Power-up the Drives
Last updated: 4/8/99

  Unpack and plug-in the keyboard and mouse.

The receptacles are labeled on the I/O panel.  I use a known-good shop keyboard and mouse at this stage.

  Plug the end without the twist of the floppy disk drive cable that came with the motherboard into the motherboard in the connector labeled "FDD CON" with the red strip towards the left (pin 1).  Connect the other end, after the twist, to the floppy drive with the red strip down and away from the power connector.

Many floppy drives have pin 1 towards the power connector.

  Locate the power supply cable with two 5 1/4" drive power connectors and one 3 1/2" drive power connectors.   Plug the 3 1/2' connector into the 3 /12" floppy.

I use this cable in case a second hard disk is installed in the future.

  Plug-in the computer power cord, make sure the monitor is still attached, turn-on the computer, put a bootable floppy with something on it in the floppy drive, and verify that the drive works.

If the floppy drive LED stays on all of the time, the cable is plugged-in backwards.

  Unplug the computer.   Fold-up the excess floppy drive cable and zip-tie it and move it under the hard disk.

Do not pull the zip-tie too tight.  I've seen them remove the insulation on flat cables.

  Take the end with the two plugs of the hard disk cable which came with the motherboard and plug it into the connector labeled "IDE1" on the motherboard (the one closes to the front) with the red strip to the right (pin 1).

Yes, I described this correctly; you will see why I do this way in a minute.  Plug the next connector up the cable into the hard disk with the red trip towards the power connector (pin 1).

  Plug the power connector closest to the power supply on the cable attached to the floppy disk drive into the hard disk drive.

  Plug-in the power cord and see if the computer detects the hard disk drive.  If so, unplug the power cord.

  If you are not going to attach a second drive to the computer, fold-up and zip-tie the excess hard disk cable.

The object here is to keep it out of the CPU fan.  See how much cable you have left-over for any other drive you may want to put into any bay in the computer and how easy it is to fold up?

  Feed the CD-ROM flat cable in front of the motherboard power cable and behind the hard disk cable.  Plug it into the motherboard connector labeled "IDE2" with the red strip to the left.

You got it: pin 1.  Make sure the other end is still fully connected to the CD-ROM--push on it.

  Plug 5 1/4" power connector closest to the power supply on the cable with two of these connectors into the CD-ROM.

Save the other cable with a 3 1/2" connector for the 3 1/2" bay.

  Power-up the computer and see if it detects the CD-ROM drive.  If so, fold-up the excess flat cable about halfway between the motherboard and the drive and zip-tie it.

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