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How to Build a Computer with an
AMD Socket A Athlon or Duron Processor
Part 10 - Install the Expansion Boards
Last updated: 6/3/2001

149. USB cable and Bracket Assembly.  With the computer on its side, mount the bracket in the cutout behind the PCI-1 slot (next to the AGP slot).  Locate the USB header on the motherboard.  There is a missing pin at the front, right of the header and a corresponding blank on the connector.  Orient the plug to match the header--with the red wires forward--and plug it in to the header.

150. Display Adapter Drivers.  No, I didn't forget the display adapter drives.  Windows Me didn't either.  It installed a driver and set the resolution, etc. during the windows installation.  I would suggest installing the ones on the CD or checking AOpen's Taiwan web site for even more recent drivers.

Taiwan manufacturers usually have their most recent drivers on their Taiwan web site.  Their other web sites may lag.

151.  To install the drivers from the CD, tip the computer to its upright position, and simply insert the CD and choose from the menu.

152.  Go to Microsoft's web site and download the latest version DirectX (currently version 8.0a).

153.  Install DirectX per Microsoft's instructions.

154.  Recommend manually installing MS backup from the Windows Me CD.

155. Recommend clicking Start, Windows Update and going to Microsoft's Windows Update site and installing all available and pertinent updates for Windows Me, etc.

This concludes the expansion board installation.  Your computer should look like the one to the right. 

There you have it: 155 steps from beginning to end.  All you have to do is check for loose cables, etc. and put the sides back on.  Don't forget to fold the legs out for better stability.  Fold them in before boxing.  I normally test a computer like this one extensively with Winbench and Winstone.  This one ran three consecutive Winstones without a burp.

It would make this old guy feel good if you would post a note in our Forums and tell us how your new computer came-out and inform us of anything new you may have learned while building it.  I would be more than happy to help with any problems you may encounter.  Please refer to the appropriate paragraph number in your posting.

Oh, yes, put the motherboard box in a safe place.


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