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How to Build a Computer with an
AMD Socket A Athlon or Duron Processor
Part 10 - Install the Expansion Boards
Last updated: 6/3/2001

139.  AOPEN FM56-P MODEM.  This MODEM and Windows Me turned-out to be a true Plug 'n Play install.  Power-down, pull the power cord, plug this MODEM into PCI slot four, align it with the slot cut-out, screw it down, check that it is fully seated, connect power, and power-up.  Windows Me will detect the MODEM and automatically install one of its drivers from the hard disk drive.  That's it.  The MODEM is installed.

The FM56-P MODEM has been replaced by the AOpen FM56-PM MODEM.  Instructions for installing the FM-56-PM with Windows 98 are in Part 9 of our How to Build an Athlon Computer (Slot A Processor) article.  That installation should be a good guide for MODEMs that do not install as easy as this one did.  You may also want to download the most recent drivers for the MODEM and install them instead of the driver Windows Me installed.  If you have problems with MODEMs or any expansion board installed with stock Windows drivers, you should check the manufacturer's web site for updated drivers and replace the Windows driver.

140.  Plug the phone cord into the appropriate jack on the MODEM and into a telephone wall jack.  Configure the MODEM and dial-up adapter for the Internet per your ISP's instructions and test the MODEM, web browser, E-mail, etc.

141.  Put the MODEM CD and remaining cables in the motherboard box.

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