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How to Build a Computer with an
AMD Socket A Athlon or Duron Processor
Part 10 - Install the Expansion Boards
Last updated: 6/3/2001

131. D-Link DFE-530TX+ Network Adapter.  Looking from the front of the computer, insert the network adapter in the fifth PCI from the right, align it with the slot cutout, and screw it down.  If you have your network setup, plug-in the network cable.  After installing the card and making sure it is seated properly, plug-in the power cord, and turn-on the computer. 

132.  Windows should detect the card and bring-up the Add New Hardware Wizard.  Leave the Search for the best driver for you device (recommended) radio control selected, insert the D-Link floppy disk in the floppy drive, and click Next. Windows will automatically copy files from the floppy and then display a message saying that it can't find the dlkrts.sys file.  The file is on the floppy.

133.  Click Browse, browse to a:\win98, and click OK.  Click OK in the resulting window.  Windows may then not be able to find the file rpcltc5.dll.  That file is in two locations: on the hard disk drive and on the Windows 98 Me CD.

134.  Type c:\windows\options\install in the Copy file from box to point windows to the cab files on the hard disk drive followed by OK.

135.  Click the Finish button when Windows has finished its work, remove the floppy disk, and put the floppy, etc. in the motherboard box.

136.  Click Yes when Windows prompts to restart the computer.  The network adapter is installed.

The preceding steps are quite common when installing plug 'n prey expansion boards (which proves they are not plug 'n play).  The thing to remember is that file Windows can't find is probably available somewhere and if you skip installation of a file, the device more than likely will not work properly (and will have to be uninstalled and reinstalled, and may even require a lot of work to clean-up the Windows registry--not the case with this board).  Another place to look for missing files is in c:\windows\system, especially if the board has previously been installed.  In some cases I have had to resort to searching the Windows CD and manufacturer's floppies/CDs on a another computer with the Windows Explorer's search capabilities.

137.  See How to Network Two Windows 95/98 Computers and other networking articles in the Digest to complete the network installation.

138.  Test the network adapter and configuration on your network.

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