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How to Build Your Own Pentium III Computer
Connect the Remaining Wires
Last updated: 4/14/99

  Allow enough audio cable to go to the bottom of the case. Fold any excess audio cable, power connector cables and zip-tie them to the motherboard power cable.

You can pull this cable pretty tight.

  Install the "POWER LED" connector on the connector marked "KEYLOCK" on the three pins furthest to the right and with the green wire to the right.  Power-up and see if the LED lights.

Motherboards vary.  The power lead might connect to the left and the green stripe might go to the left on other motherboards.  With the computer on, you can safely try the of three pins at either end of the connector (the five pins labeled keylock, that is) and reverse the plug until the light comes on.

  Cut off the half of the "HDD LED" the connector with no wires with a pair of diagonal cutters.  Be very careful, it easy to ruin the plug.  Plug the connector into the pins labeled "HD LED" with the orange wire to the right. 

Again, motherboards vary.  You can safely reverse this plug while the computer is on if the HDD LED does not light-up.

  Connect the "RESET SW" to the "RESET" connector, power-up and see if the hard disk lights-up, and push the reset switch to see if it reboots the computer.

  Bunch-up the front panel and speaker cables and zip-tie them together with the white zip-tie that came with the case.

  Your computer should now look like my computer.  Do not install any other expansion boards until after Windows is installed.

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