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How to Build Your Own Pentium III Computer
Install the CD-ROM Drive
Last updated: 4/14/99

  Reach into the case and push-out the top 5 1/4" drive bay cover and put it in the motherboard box.

  Stand the case up on its feet.

  Unbox and unwrap the CD-ROM drive and its accessories, put the cardboard packing and plastic back in the box and set it aside.  Put the driver floppy and instruction book in the motherboard box.

  Verify that the drive is jumpered correctly.  I usually leave it jumpered as a slave.  In this case, however,  we are hanging another drive on the same cable and want the CD-ROM drive to be (or remain) the next drive after the hard disk drive(s).  So, move the jumper to the Master position: closest to the power connector.

  Plug the audio cable into the drive with the red wire to the left when looking at the back of the drive (the plug will only go in one way).

  Plug the connector between the connectors on the ends of the additional IDE cable into the back of the CD-ROM drive with the red stripe towards the right (towards the power connector; pin 1) when looking at the drive from the rear.

This makes it both easy to later fold-up and zip-tie the cable and to connect a second drive, below the CD-ROM drive, to the cable

  Feed the cables into the case through the front and follow them with the CD-ROM drive.  Align the drive with the front of the case and the mounting holes in the drive bay.  Secure with the four screws.

Do not over-tighten.  Double-check that the drive is flush with the front.

  Lay the case back down on its right side and check that the cables are still properly connected to the CD-ROM drive and not in the CPU fan.

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