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How to Build Your Own Pentium II Computer
Install the Floppy and Hard Disk Drives
Last updated: 4/12/99

  Reach inside the case and push-out the upper (to the right)
3 1/2" drive bay cover and put it in the motherboard box.

  Orient  the 3 1/2" floppy drive so it is standing on its side, the front is towards you, and the mounting screw holes are to the left.  Push the drive into the case from the front until top of the face is flush with the front of the case and the mounting holes align with those in the drive bay in the case.  Screw one side of the drive to the case with two M3*5L screws.

Do not over-torque the screws.  Never over-torque any screws securing any kind of drive.  You can warp the frame and ruin the drive.  Always use the correct screws for a given drive.  They may vary with the type and manufacturer of a drive.  A screw that is too long can also ruin some drives.

  Remove the hard disk from its anti-static bag,  Verify that it is jumpered as a single master drive, no slave present (J20 ON, the one furthest away from the power connector).  Orient it so its side is up, the cable connectors are facing back, and the mounting holes are to the left.  Insert it into the back of the 3 1/2" drive bay and align the holes with those labeled "HDD" on the furthest bay to the left (the bottom bay).  Secure the left side of the drive with two of the screws that may have come with the drive or two hard disk screws that come with the case.  Do not over-tighten.

  Remove the single screw holding the 3 1/2" drive cage (called a '3 1/2" DRIVE B/K' in the case assembly instructions) to the case and remove the bay by gently pulling it backward.

You may have to wiggle it some.  Watch the 3 1/2" floppy while your doing this to be sure your are not pulling-off the plastic bezel on the front of the drive.  Sometimes, it will catch on sides of the drive cutout on the front of the computer case--go slow and easy.

  Set the drive cage on the workbench and install the remaining screws.

  Reinstall the drive cage, making sure both flanges on the left of the cage properly engage those on the mating surface of the case, and adjust it so the left side of the floppy drive is flush with the front of the case.  You might have to wiggle it some to get into place.  Secure the cage with two 6#32 screws, one at the top-right and the other on the left-front.

The later screw can be difficult to screw-in.  The hole isn't always tapped.

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