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How To Build Your Own Pentium II Computer
Setup the Chassis
Last updated: 4/12/99

  Place the boxed computer case on the floor with the top up.

  Slit the tape on the top of the box and along the sides of the top with a knife or razor and open the top.

  Tip the box over so the open top of the box is on the floor and the top flaps are spread-out away from the box..

  Carefully pull the box up and off the case.

  Carefully roll the case over so the bottom of the case is up.

  Remove the styrofoam packing from the bottom of the case and put it in the empty box.

  Peal the plastic packing away from the bottom of the case.

  Turn the case over on its bottom and remove the remaining styrofoam packing and plastic-wrap and place them in the case box and set the box aside.

  Set the case on the workbench with the bottom on the bench and the back of the case facing forward.

  Remove the four screws along the edge of the sides of the back of the cover of the case and place them in a bowl so you won't loose them.

  There is seam (crack) between the plastic on the front of the case and the chassis cover.  Pull back on the cover by placing the tips of your fingers in the crack on about half way up on both sides of the case.  The cover should move about two inches and resist further movement.

  Grab the bottom of the sides of the cover at the rear, tilt the back up, spread the cover outward a little, ease your hands along the bottom of both sides of the cover, and gently lift the cover off the chassis.  Set the cover aside where you won't trip over it or back into it.

  Remove the power cord, Assembly Instructions, and bag of hardware from the inside of the case.  Open the hardware bags and put the hardware in the bowl.

  Lay the case on its side, with front towards the front of the bench and the bottom to the left.

  Remove the four rubber feet from the parts bag and install them on the bottom of the case with the plastic pins provided.

  Inspect the plastic interface card edge guide (part G) inside of the left front of the above picture and make sure all of the tabs holding it to the front of the case are snapped into their respective holes.

  There is an ATX input/output (I/O) panel at the rear of the case.  There is lip along the bottom of the panel which seats along the bottom edge of the rectangular hole in the case through which the panel is exposed.  Look from the back of the case and see if it seated properly.  Using the phillip's head screw driver, make sure the single screw used to fasten the panel to the case, located at the top-middle of the panel, is tight.  With exception of those in the red box in the picture, use a screw driver from the inside of the case to push out any remaining blanks in the holes in the panel (not those in the case above the panel) and carefully bend them off at the rear of the chassis.

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