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last updated: 08/02/03

BOOTDISK METHOD.  Will make the same Startup floppy from the DOS prompt as the CREATE DISK METHOD.

checkbox.gif (68 bytes)  Boot the hard disk to the command prompt by holding the F8 key just as Windows boots and select MS-DOS Mode from the menu or open a DOS window. 

checkbox.gif (68 bytes)  Put a blank floppy in the A: drive, change directory to c:\windows\command directory and Issue the bootdisk command as follows:

c:\>cd \windows\command
c:\>bootdisk a:

checkbox.gif (68 bytes)  The disk will be made; but, if you stop here, it might not work!  Go to ADDING A SPECIFIC CD-ROM DRIVER for more steps.

When you install Windows 98 it will also make this Startup floppy.  If you already have one, why make another?  You can turn it off by by using the /ie flag when you first issue the setup command to install Windows 98:

setup /ie

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